Messkla Ombilikal


Cuando era jóven escuchaba mucho rap francés (oldskool de los 90) y era una adicta al reggae dub. Mi primer mix con vinilos fué uno que hice de Dubstep allá por el 2006 y empecé a pinchar en fiestas underground sobre el 2008.

Ahora mismo me concentro en pinchar Dubstep pero lo mezclo con otros estilos, como Break, Grime, Electro, Rap, Glitch Hop, Drumstep, Breakstep….
Mis sesiones están dirigidas a los puristas. Cuanto mas comercial se vuelve una canción, menos la pongo!

Desde el 2009 he estado emitiendo un programa de Bass Music & Hip Hop desde una emisora de radi libre de Toulouse, llamada FMR.
En 2010 pasé a formar parte de la OLFAKT KRU (DJ & productors’ crew Dubstep & Bass Music). Y en 2011 me uní al OMBILIKAL team (web radio & DJ’s crew DnB Break Grime Dubstep…)

Ahora mismo estoy iniciando un nuevo proyecto, soy la DJ de un grupo de rap llamado Fankysista y sol en el label frances Kamikaz Cross Fader.


From a very tender age, I have been a great music lover. During my adolescence, I have been brought up on Hip-Hop culture and started mixing Dubstep on vinyles in free underground parties in 2006.

Being fond of fat bass scores and of dark atmospheres, I ban from my sets high-pitched and tuneful synthesizers, as well as voices from commercial pop and RNB music, or overbrodcasted songs. My sets are extremely varied, as well as regards styles, ambiances or BPM, going from Dubstep, Grime, Neuro/Glitch-Hop, to Electro, Break, Drum/Drumstep, or, of course, Hip-Hop.

Narrowly-specialized in my selection, I target as well purists as curious audience. I am always eagerly waiting for unknown artists to build my sets and radio shows. For 2009, as a radio presenter, I have broadcasted Hip-Hop and Bass Music on FMR, a 30-years old local radio station.

In 2011, I have joined Ombilikal Crew which is part of the team organizing the “Soirées Code” in Le Bikini, Toulouse. Ombilikal is also a Web Radio which was created ten years ago and is considered as a pioneer as regards Bass Music broadcast in France.
In 2012, I have integrated the women’s rap band « FankySistaCrew»
In 2013 I have been part of the french bass music label Kamikaz Cross Fader, and I also organise female events in Toulouse.



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